About us

Our Vision

Major Realty Agents Inc and our Visionary attitude will set the standard for a new way of thinking about commercial & residential real estate. We will use our extensive knowledge and training to help our clients achieve their business goals. The right space at the right price with the right terms and in accordance with the very best sustainability practices will be our goal in every transaction.


Core Values

Our vision demands the very highest level of performance from every team member on every project. We will negotiate every transaction as if it were our own. We will seek out every property as if we would be spending our work or home lives there. We will execute every transaction as if our moral standing hangs in the balance – which it does. We will help our clients implement these principles as if our children’s lives depend on it – which they do. Integrity. Responsibility. Sustainability.



Chiranjeev (CJ) Roddey founded Major Realty Agents Inc, after spending nearly 20 years in various aspects of financial industry including but not limited to residential & commercial mortgages, credit repair, small business loans, bridge loans, hard money loans, short sales/foreclosures sales and third-party property management. His comprehensive knowledge of property management, leasing, and construction management gives him an unparalleled ability to recognize value in any real estate scenario. Major Realty Agents Inc’s reputation was built on this exceptional combination of experience, integrity and insight.

Major Realty Agents Inc is an acknowledgement of the name recognition that Chiranjeev (CJ) Roddey has achieved in the New York City & Long Island area. The name takes advantage of the positive energy in the market place.